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Creating Meaningful Impact

The Sickle Cell Care Coordination for Achieving Patient Empowerment Conference is a 4-day, multidisciplinary course for physicians, physician assistants, nurses, social workers, psychologists, community health providers, patients, and their families designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed for participants to understand and optimize the role of a sickle cell disease health navigator (SCD HN) or work in a sickle cell medical care team. This interprofessional activity prepares allied health professionals, community-based staff, and volunteers to work together to improve patient outcomes. The program includes topics on the US healthcare delivery system, sickle cell disease and its treatments, racism and health disparities, communication techniques, mental health, transition and community-based organizations and much more!



At the conclusion of the educational activity, learners will be able to:

  • Review sickle cell disease pathology, complications, treatments, and the impact on patients’ general health and lifestyle.

  • Review the impact of Covid-19 on the care and health of patients with sickle cell disease.

  • Describe the role and responsibilities of a sickle cell disease health navigator or medical care team member working with patients as the other comorbid conditions including psychosocial issues.

  • Demonstrate effective communication using techniques such as motivational interviewing based upon knowledge of models such as adult learning theory, health belief model and the transtheoretical model. 

  • Discuss the impact of racism, complicit and implicit bias and health disparities on the health of persons diagnosed with sickle cell disease.

  • Describe the U.S. health care delivery system, including the roles of direct providers, allied health professionals, and members of the public health infrastructure.

  • Identify the network of sickle cell disease services for referral and resources in the communities they serve.

  • Review the principles of HIPPA requirements, confidentiality, and ethical boundaries between patients and health navigators as it relates to sickle cell disease health care. 

  • Explore a variety of strategies of health navigators or medical team members which can be used to obtain healthy lifestyles and become more self-sufficient.

  • Discuss how a sickle cell medial home is developed and describe the critical components of a program.  


Get to Know the Faces behind SCCAPE

Wally Smith

Wally R Smith

Florence Neal Cooper Smith Professor of Sickle Cell Disease

Shirley Johnson

Shirley Johnson

Operations Manager


Daniel Sop

Research Scientist

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